Slash your prep time with Deckset.

Preparing slides for your class doesn’t have to be an endless chore. Deckset turns your notes into full-fledged presentations in next to no time.

It works like this: write your presentation as text document, open it in Deckset, and present. Change and add slides on the fly with just a few keystrokes, even while presenting or in the few precious minutes before class.

Minimal effort, amazing results.

Beautiful templates

Choose between countless themes and color variations designed for various teaching environments.

Display formulas

Easily include mathematical notation written in LaTeX markup.

Video & Photo

Make your point stick by dragging in any image or video — even straight from YouTube, if you want!

Show your code

With automatic syntax highlighting and ‘scale-to-fit’ text sizing, your code will look fantastic.

Teachers love Deckset.

“I use Deckset daily in my classroom to quickly turn my lesson goals and objectives into a presentation. It’s a tremendous time saver when compared to Keynote or PowerPoint. Plus, the presentations from Deckset are beautiful and unique.”
Henry Harrison
Yukon High School, United States
“Markdown is my favourite way of writing. And Deckset’s slide design holds up to the highest aesthetic standards. Whether I want to prepare my classes on media literacy, or just whip up a quick vocabulary test—I’m really satisfied with Deckset.”
Tobias Frischholz
Mittelschule Markt Indersdorf, Germany