Beautiful themes for any audience


‘Next’ packs a punch—it is simple, bold and confident. Using Avenir Next by the iconic typeface designer Adrian Frutiger, there is a nice balance of harmony and contrast.

Olive Green

Built around the OliveGreen Mono typeface by Berlin-based type designer / software developer Georg Seifert, this theme has a techy edge but plenty of character. Its monospaced nature ensures a seamless balance between regular copy and code samples.

Plain Jane

From high-school classroom to tech conference, Plain Jane works well with every crowd. Its no-frills, simple design—based on the Lato type family by Polish designer Łukasz Dziedzic—gives your content plenty of room to breathe.

Business Class

Business Class is simple yet sophisticated, artistic yet articulate. It is designed for copy-heavy slides and is appropriate for a wide range of business lines, from law to finance, trade to science.

Letters from Sweden

This in-your-face but suave theme is built upon the Trim typeface family by Stockholm’s Göran Söderström and Patch Hofweber. If you need to go extra-bold—in style—this is your choice.

Typeface: Trim by Göran Söderström


Well, what to say about a Helvetica theme? You need one, don’t you? Plus: posterized images, throwback modernist colorways, simple type hierarchy. You need a Helvetica theme. Period.


The lovely Franziska theme—named after the Franziska typeface family by Munich-based Jakob Runge—is fairly distinctive and well versatile at the same time. Light hairlines, heavy on interesting details. Don’t miss out on the Vampire color scheme.

Typeface: Franziska by Jakob Runge


Remember when you were writing actual slides by hand to put them on an overhead projector? Then Sketchnote is for you. It’s designed around Mike Rohde’s eponymous typeface family: a practical, casual script.

Typeface: Sketchnote by Mike Rohde


Keep calm and write something. The big type and bright colorways are impactful and will help you drive home any point. Focus on pointed words and short-sentenced slides — you tell the story.

Typeface: Reklame Script by Hannes von Döhren


Secretly dreaming of being a cartoonist? Well, we can’t help you with that either. With its bright colours and hand-drawn font, Scherzkeks is sure to put some fun in your deck though. Works best with silly quotables and epic fail GIFs.